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  • Edmonton's leading garage builder
  • 100's of satisfied customers
  • Over 35 years of experience


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With over 35 years of experience our proven step-by-step process builds a quality garage at an affordable price.

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Value, Quality
& Precision

Since 1975

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Quality every time.

We have built so many garages
that we know how to do it
perfect everytime!

Ronnex Garages is Edmonton's premier garage builder with 1000's of satisfied customers and a team who considers customer satisfaction and quality first.

Custom Quality Garages

RONNEX GARAGES specializes in custom built quality garages at affordable prices.

As Edmonton's Leading Garage Builder for over 30 years, Ronnex has the resources to build quality and back it after the sale. Our staff of experienced professionals look forward to serving you. Contact a Ronnex Garage professional today!

Quality & Craftsmanship

RONNEX GARAGES, Edmonton's best garage builders, strive to ensure that the product supplied meets or exceeds the Standard Building Codes of Alberta. Also, of great importance to our integrity are the quality of materials used and the implementation of our workmanship warranty. Our customers have the peace of mind knowing that the job is done right .

Customer Satisfaction

RONNEX GARAGES feel that it is very important that the relationship between the customer and the builder is strong. We want our customers to be well informed throughout the entire building process of their new Ronnex Garage.

With over our 35 years of building garages we have hundreds of satisfied customer.

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